EMMA Global Community Outreach

Educate, Mentor, Motivate All-Ages

Raising A Global Community Through Hands-on Relationships

Who We Are

Our Mission

E.M.M.A.’s mission is to serve our local, national and global communities by engaging in a broad range of strategies that promote education, community health, and development. We encourage and promote development in every domain of life, namely psycho-social, physical and spiritual empowerment.

Our Vision

To realize holistic, healthy and thriving communities that overcomes negative socio-economic disparities and discrimination.

Our Core Value

To promote love, compassion, integrity, excellence, dedication and purpose to those we interact with.

Our Invitation to You

E.M.M.A. envisions working with other agencies and organizations in a collaborative effort to reach all, to empower all as we extend our branches to effect positive change within the global society.